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Jersey City Immigration Lawyer-March Against 287(g)

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2011 | Immigration Reform |

Jersey City is one of the largest and most popular cities in New Jersey. With its close proximity to New York, it is not only of the most bustling centers of commerce, it is not surprisingly also one of the most ethnically diverse cities in our state. There are large concentrations of Indian, Cuban, Polish, Dominican, and African residents who call this vibrant city their home. Not surprisingly, there will be a march tomorrow to draw attention to some of the immigration issues affecting our society. Called the “March for Immigrant Rights,” the event will begin at McGinley Square and showcase a unified opposition to the 287(g) and Secure Communities, two I.C.E. programs currently in use. We have discussed both of these programs previously in our blog. Many local organizations plan to participate in the event and it is certainly something that might be worth checking out if you happen to be in the area.