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October 2011 Archives

Metuchen Immigration Lawyer and Traffic Ticket Attorney

As an immigration lawyer based in Edison, New Jersey, our office naturally serves a very diverse population of residents living not only in Edison, but also Woodbridge, Iselin, and Metuchen. Metuchen is incredibly mixed. The quaint borough notably has an Asian population of 7.23%. It is not clear whether undocumented aliens are part of this demographic. In any case, it is worth noting that besides being, in my opinion, one of the most scenic towns in the state, Metuchen is also one of the more aggressive in enforcing traffic laws. It is not uncommon for people to be charged with improper passing, DWI, as well as speeding around this area. Why is this significant? Because many people with immigration status problems are under the impression that they will only pop up on ICE's radar if they unfortunately have some sort of criminal history. What is not taken into account is that if traffic tickets are not handled responsibly, people may be incurring motor vehicle points which may in turn lead to license suspension if too many are accumulated. In some cases, people forget or ignore their traffic summonses, leading eventually to bench warrants. If an individual without status has the misfortune of being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, or picked up on a warrant, he or she could conceivably come to the attention of ICE, the enforcement arm of DHS. The most recent sweep by ICE bears this out in which many people with arrests in Municipal Court were picked up. It goes without saying that individuals with status issues should of course be driving responsibly. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and mistakes do happen, whether it is the individual's or police officer's error. If you do have the misfortune of receiving a traffic summons, and your immigration status is not certain, make sure that you take care of it.

Certificates of Citizenship and Naturalization Appeals no longer filed in Newark, NJ

A national processing change will be implemented very soon that will affect the way in which Naturalization Appeals as well as Applications for Certificates of Citizenship are filed. Beginning October 30, 2011, certain citizenship forms will no longer be accepted locally. The N-300, N-336, N-600, and N-600K must now be filed with a Lockbox, either in Phoenix or Dallas. December 2, 2011 is the last day that local offices such as Newark will forward forms to the Lockbox. After that day, any of the above forms not properly filed with the lockbox will be rejected.

Good News from Vermont Service Center for New Jersey K-1 Fiance Petitioners

The Vermont Service Center recently announced a change in policy with respect to the K-1 Fiance. As part of a new effort to standardize, the validity dates of approved K-1 petitions will be extended to 4 months minus 1 day instead of the customary 90 days.

New Jersey Deportation Lawyer on Recent Figures

In the midst of the new Prosecutorial Discretion Policy and Memos pronounced by the Obama administration and John Morton, it is pretty ironic that ICE recently reported that nearly 400,000 aliens were deported in fiscal year 2011. The Huffington Post states that according to John Morton, the Immigration and Customs Director, these numbers are the largest in the agency's history. 55 percent of those deported had criminal records, which includes either felonies and/or misdemeanors. These are sobering numbers. Of course, it is important that those convicted of felonies and who present a danger to society ought to be removed if they clearly do not have or are entitled to some sort of status. On the other hand, those convicted of misdemeanors fall into a more questionable group. In New Jersey, a misdemeanor is arguably analogous to a disorderly persons offense, which is technically not even a "crime." A disorderly persons type of offense is handled in our State's municipal court, and runs the gamut from simple assault to shoplifting. Is it fair or conscionable to classify someone convicted or pressured into pleading guilty of shoplifting as a criminal alien and target him/her for removal? Regardless of what you think, the reality is that individuals who are not US citizens with convictions for even disorderly persons grade offenses are vulnerable. Among those deported, 80,000 people had convictions for drug related crimes or driving under the influence.

TPS immigration extension for New Jersey Residents from Sudan

USCIS has recently designated the Republic of South Sudan for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano also announced that TPS for nationals of Sudan will be extended for another 18 months. Both the designation of South Sudan and extension for Sudan will become effective November 3, 2011 and will continue through May 2, 2013. Individuals who need to register must file Forms I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status, and the I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, by April 10, 2012. While TPS does not lead to permanent residence, it does provide temporary status to the individual and in some instances, may allow an individual to actually adjust his/her status and receive a green card. It is therefore of enormous utility to those affected by the extraordinary conditions going on in those countries.

Mandatory Detention Immigration Lawyer in NJ

There is a new detention facility in town: it is located at Delaney Hall in Newark. Our firm had the opportunity to take a tour of it two weeks ago. This new holding center will supposedly hold "low risk" detainees, ie., those who are not a danger to society, have no criminal record, etc. Accordingly, it is important to note that Delaney will not be supplanting the Elizabeth Detention Center. The Elizabeth Center will continue to house inmates as well as conduct Immigration Court hearings for those who detained there. So besides the county jails, an immigration inmate who has been detained may be held at Elizabeth or Delaney Hall, Newark. With all of this confusion of where a person may be detained, it is absolutely crucial for concerned family members to secure the most accurate information. Besides of course seeking the help of an immigration attorney, concerned parties might also want to consult the Online Detainee Locator System.

New Jersey Deportation Lawyer: New 3rd Circuit Decision Affects Newark Immigration Court Cases in NJ

An unsettling decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals vitiated the protection afforded to respondents in the Third Circuit by Garcia v. Attorney General of the United States, 553 F. 3d 724 (2009). In Matter of Paula Cruz De Ortiz, 25 I & N Dec 601 (BIA 2011), the Board essentially ruled that the 5 year statute of limitations which applies to both rescission and removal proceedings to remove an alien who procures permanent residence through fraud or misrepresentation only applies to those who have adjusted their status. Consequently, if a permanent resident obtains an immigrant visa through fraud to come here, he/she is not protected by the five year statute of limitation, and DHS may conceivably go after him/her many years later, even though the person may have reformed and built up substantial equities here in the US. This is a disturbing decision that goes against the spirit of the Garcia decision, justified by questionable semantics, with potentially devastating results to a lot of people out there.

New Immigration Decision Regarding Removal of Conditional Green Card May Help New Jersey Immigrants in Deportation Court

On September 13, 2011, the BIA decided Matter of Francisco Herrara Del Orden. This is a positive and progressive decision that takes a reasoned approach to a common problem. It is not uncommon for many permanent residents who have filed for a waiver of the joint requirement to remove conditions on their green cards to have their cases denied and referred to the Immigration Court. Between the time their cases were adjudicated by an immigration officer and their court hearing before an Immigration Judge, considerable time may have elapsed and the respondent may have been able to secure additional evidence in support of the waiver. This new ruling allows for immigration judges to take in and consider new evidence that a person may not have been able to present in the original application for a waiver. It clarifies that the scope of review that Immigration Judges possess extends to "material and relevant evidence without regard to whether it was previously submitted or considered...."

"Illegal" Aliens Being Picked Up in New Jersey for Deportation Because of Criminal Convictions

According to ICE, "Operation Crosscheck" was a resounding success. Our office had received anecdotal reports of as well consulted with people who were caught up in this recent dragnet, and now the statistics are actually out. According to the Asbury Park Press, the latest ICE sweep rounded up 2901 individuals in one week. In New Jersey, 86 convicted criminals were apprehended. In Monmouth alone, four people were picked up. More than 1600 had felony convictions, but our office received many calls from people who had minor, disorderly persons/misdemeanor type offenses. The point here is that individuals with criminal records, even if they are from municipal court, should definitely consult with a lawyer to determine both the criminal and immigration ramifications. Anyone (assuming that you are not already a US Citizen) who has even been arrested, even if for something like DWI or Driving While Suspended, is potentially vulnerable. It's only a matter of how wide ICE decides to broaden its target efforts. Of course, being arrested and being convicted are two different things, but do you really want to be in court or worse, detention, litigating that difference?

Citizenship Rutgers Day in Newark, NJ

Citizenship Rutgers is a free citizenship application service happening today. Angie Garasia, a partner of our office, will be there, assisting permanent residents in determining their eligibility for naturalization and providing assistance in completing the form. Free photos as well as photocopies of the forms will be provided at the event. (The filing fees, of course, are not covered by Rutgers; applicants are instructed not to bring the filing fee today.) Applicants will be able to consult with experienced immigration attorneys, like my partner, free of charge, so everyone and anyone interested in citizenship is encouraged to attend!


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