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Good News from Vermont Service Center for New Jersey K-1 Fiance Petitioners

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2011 | Policy Memos |

The Vermont Service Center recently announced a change in policy with respect to the K-1 Fiance. As part of a new effort to standardize, the validity dates of approved K-1 petitions will be extended to 4 months minus 1 day instead of the customary 90 days. Additionally, the VSC will be expecting more documentation to demonstrate that the couple has met within the past two years. This is not a change for our clients since our office customarily sends in proof beyond the expected statement in order to demonstrate the bona fide nature of the relationship, but for those who are preparing petitions themselves, be advised that additional evidence in the way of photos, airline tickets, phone records, etc. will be expected. Previously, a statement from the Petitioner was sufficient to meet this requirement. Now, apparently, it is not, but again, additional proof of the relationship should be always be compiled and furnished in any case to show that the couple has a real relationship and genuinely intends on getting married.