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New Jersey cracking down on unauthorized practice of Immigration Law

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2011 | Firm News |

Our office recently attended a meeting at USCIS regarding the unauthorized practice of law by notaries or “immigration consultants.” If you want to read a chilling story of what happened to somebody who used an immigration consultant instead of a licensed attorney or accredited representative, check out this recent article from The Star Ledger. It is encouraging to see that the government and the Newark District Office is taking this seriously. With increased civil as well as criminal enforcement, predators will hopefully be discouraged from taking money from innocent victims and ruining them financially as well as legally–sometimes, irreparably. One of the many benefits of having an qualified immigration attorney complete your forms as well as represent you is that a licensed professional is preparing your forms with an understanding as to how certain answers affect your eligibility for immigration benefits and/or relief. There is also accountability. There have been many instances where some of these scam artists who profess to be immigration officials or consultants have absconded and disappeared, leaving their “clients” high and dry….