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Top Three Reasons Why You Need A Consultation With An Immigration Lawyer in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2013 | Common Immigration Questions and Problems |

If you are not a US Citizen, and are filing an application or petition with immigration (whether it be USCIS, NVC, ICE, or EOIR), you might be asking yourself whether you really need an attorney to represent you. There is nothing inherently wrong in representing yourself, and thousands of people have done so successfully in the past. However, that being said, things are rarely “simple” these days and the particular facts and circumstances of your situation might make your case more complicated than you realize. Even if you don’t want to hire an attorney to represent you fully, it certainly does not hurt to consult with one. Here’s three reasons why.

1) Immigration Attorneys know the law. Especially when it comes to immigration, there is something new almost everyday, whether it be a new case, a new regulation, or change in policy. Some of these changes can be very significant and may affect your particular situation in ways you may not realize.

2) Filing the wrong forms or answering questions incorrectly can be disastrous! At the very least, a consultation with an attorney who specializes in immigration law will help make you more informed so that you can be aware of and recognize potentially problematic aspects of your case.

3) You might have the wrong information. While friends and family may have the best of intentions, they are not necessarily the best people to recruit advice from. If you are not sure about something immigration related, you are better off getting an opinion from someone who has gone to school for this and received legal training. If a problem does arise, as a result of misinformation or inaccurate advice, will a “sorry” from your neighbor really be enough to fix the problem?