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Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Apply for US Citizenship Before the 2024 Election

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Citizenship and Naturalization |

As the upcoming election approaches, many green card holders residing in the United States may be considering applying for citizenship.  If there are no issues, any time is a good time to apply, but election years can present unique windows of opportunities that aspiring citizens may want to consider. Here’s why now is an ideal moment to apply for U.S. citizenship, particularly before the election cycle intensifies.

Potential Changes in Immigration Policies

If we learned anything in the last seven years, elections can bring about pivotal changes in immigration policies. New administrations can implement different immigration laws,   executive orders, and policies that can affect any foreign national from someone here on a tourist visa all the way to someone who has a green card.  No one is truly secure unless and until one is a naturalized citizen. By applying now, you can lock in your application under the current regulations, avoiding any potential future restrictions or procedural changes that you may be subject to if you were to wait. Additionally, we have seen some applicants receive interviews in a very short period of time this year.  Depending on who wins the election next year, we may see an upsurge in applications next year, which may result in longer processing times.  Applying sooner rather than later may help you to avoid these delays.

Exercising Your Right to Vote

Becoming a U.S. citizen grants you the right to vote in national and local elections.  The earlier you apply for citizenship before the election, the higher the likelihood you may be scheduled for an interview before November.  In some states, such as New Jersey, you may sworn in the same day you pass your examination.  In that event, you would be eligible to take the Oath of Allegiance and become a citizen the same day.  Once you are a citizen, you are entitled to participate in the election process and cast your vote for the next President.

Access to Full Legal Rights and Benefits

While green card holders enjoy many rights and protections, U.S. citizenship offers additional privileges and benefits. These include greater job opportunities, the ability to obtain a U.S. passport, enhanced protection against deportation (US Citizens cannot be removed from the US), and the ability to file for family members.  US citizens can not only file for spouses, but also parents, siblings, as well as married children over 21.  Additionally, Immediate Relatives of US Citizens are not subject to numerical quotas and are often processed much faster than petitions filed by permanent residents for their family members.


Applying for U.S. citizenship is a significant upgrade from the green card that offers numerous advantages, especially in the context of an upcoming election. The potential for drastic changes in immigration policies, the ability to vote, access to a wider panoply of legal rights, and the enhanced benefits of family reunification make the prospect of citizenship especially attractive, especially given the current political climate.

If you are interested in becoming a US Citizen, contact us today to learn more about the process and how we can help you achieve the American Dream.