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LPR Becomes Citizen With DWI

Our client was a permanent resident who attended a birthday party one night and had a little too much to drink. He unfortunately decided to drive and was arrested by the police for Drunk Driving (NJ 39:4-50). This was his first offense. Before this, he never even had a traffic ticket. He went to court, accepted responsibility for his actions and was sentenced to a fines and license suspension. In the meantime, his dream was always to become a US Citizen. He applied for naturalization well aware that his case could nevertheless be denied as a matter of discretion due to the DWI conviction reflecting on his good moral character. Our office represented him at the interview. Attorney Angie Garasia was able to advocate and persuade the naturalization officer that in spite of the offense, our client did not have a problem with alcohol. Rather, he suffered a regrettable lapse in judgment and that this one incident should not overshadow his otherwise blemish-free history. Our client demonstrated that he was contrite over the incident and took steps to ensure that nothing like this would ever occur again. The application for naturalization in Newark was approved and our client is now a US Citizen.

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