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Client Reviews

I was very satisfied with the level of professionalism and positive attitude towards me and my case.

From the very beginning Mr. Lee was honest to tell me all the difficulties as well as the strong points of my case. We have had series of meetings through which my case became very known to them.

At the interview time Mrs Garasia was quick to protect our interests and knew my case by heart! I am very thankful to Mr Lee and Mrs Garasia to guide me through this process and help me achieve my goal. I would definitely recommend them to all who’s in need!

Artur A.

I hardly knew Atty Paris Lee. I researched his credentials online when my son was in need of an immigration lawyer in Central NJ. I was impressed by his background. We went to see him Fall 2015 for our 1st consultation and he studied my son’s case. He took the case and we cooperated with him with all the required documentations. Within 5 months of submitting the N-400, my son got his US citizenship! Amazing! Attorney Paris Lee and his staff are all professionals. They are all masters in their own field. I highly recommend the office of Lee & Garasia, LLC. Its the best Immigration Law Office. Thank you.

Rebecca E.

Lee Garasia is the best lawyer in NJ!!! Very professional, trustworthy, I really recommend!! Everytime that I need them to help on immigration stuff, they are always great! Nothing to complain, just congratulations for excellence!!!!

Marcio B.

Highly recommendable lawyer firm. I recently used them for immigration case. And I received very professional service.

Jose B.

My family member was suspected of shoplifting case, which had possibility of immigration consequences. Mr. Lee guided us with the process. He came up with the best and worst case scenarios. His follow-up and analysis of the case was top notch. Wish there are professionals who can treat their clients like he does. His integrity was bar none.

He also had great rapport with the fellow lawyers, which helped with moving the case forward. Currently the case has been dismissed.

If you are looking for honest, dependable, high quality immigration lawyer, I can’t think of anyone other than him.

T N.

Mr.Lee is very professional, efficient and transparent about the overall Immigration process and costs. He answered all my questions and made the process easy. Also, he is responding to all my regular emails questions and concerns. I highly recommend Mr.Lee’s firm without hesitation.


Handled my wifes fiancee visa. All the paperwork was done quickly and perfectly. They are a very reputable firm. I highly recommend Lee & Garasia for the job !!!

Keith M.

Great immigration attorney’s. They helped out my friend greatly. Everyone in the office was nice and treated us with courtesy and respect. Highly recommend this firm.

Cari V.

This has been the most smooth and fruitful experience for me! Not only was I guided, made comfortable, and received utmost professionalism in my dealing, Lee & Garasia LLC is definitely the best choice for sensitive and intricate immigration matters. Where there are hundreds of options of immigration lawyers to choose from, I would request all readers to undoubtably pick this law firm to avoid wasting your time!

Thank you Lee & Garasia. Attorney Mr. Paris Lee is by far the most amazing professional in the field that I have come across. He assisted my case to remove conditions on green card with a waiver of joint filing – my case had strong evidence to start with, but some aspects were complicated. Due to the sensitive nature of the issues, Mr. Lee made every effort to ensure the case was prepared in the most effective way to ensure only salient facts and evidence was highlighted. And it worked! I got my permanent 10-year green card approved without an interview!

S K.

Lee & Garasia and Staff are extremely professional while at the same time dedicated and attentive to each client’s needs, they will spend as much time as is necessary to get the case ready and super prepared so that there are very little questions or doubts. We spoke with Mr Paris Lee, and our case was an immigration case where my spouse applied for the waiver which allowed him to wait here with his family during the processing of the paperwork, then the visa and ultimately the residence card just having to travel abroad for the interview. During this interview there were very little questions asked due to the extreme preparedness and strength of the case, Lee & Garasia will follow through every step of the way and no cutting corners, I would highly recommend the services of this firm. Thank you so much Mr Lee

Kc G.

Professional, knowledgeable and reliable
I was very impressed with my experience with Lee & Garasia. My wife is foreign born, so we needed legal advice when it was time for her to apply for a green card. When we first met with Mr. Lee, he was very professional and took the time to understand the specifics of our situation. He seemed very experienced in this field, and he put my wife at ease. Even though our situation seemed simple, we didn’t want anything to go wrong with the process. We felt that Mr. Lee had all the bases covered and nothing fell through the cracks. He helped us navigate the application process smoothly and helped us with all our correspondence with the INS. Mr. Lee was also very good at returning our calls promptly when we had questions. We are very happy with the results and my wife has gotten her green card. We will definitely come back to Lee & Garasia when it is time for my wife to apply for her citizenship.

Stan T

Lee and Garasia are excellent lawyers, punctual and professional. They are dedicated to going above and beyond the usual level of service to meet your client’s needs. Their staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and polite. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone.

Madie B.

My wife and I had complicated case for US Citizen application. We could not do it without Mr. Lee and Ms. Garasia’s professional help. Mr. Lee gave us straight answers and honest advise. We could not be happier that we had Ms. Garasia accompany us for interview. She is the best. She knows exactly what to do and say at the right time to keep interview smoothly and protect our rights at the same time. I recommend this firm to all my relatives and friends who will need legal help in immigration in the future.

Robert C.

Professional & honest immigration law firm that delivers timely results! My wife and I worked mainly with Angie Garasia for our US finance visa and my permanent residence. Although the immigration process was new and sometimes overwhelming for us, Angie explained and simplified everything. Both she and Paris are extremely knowledgeable in their field as well as honest, patient, courteous, and kind. We obtained our fiancé visa in the exact time that Angie advised. And I received my green card sooner than expected. I can’t thank Lee & Garasia enough for their services for such an important event in our lives. I would highly recommend this NJ law firm for all of your immigration needs!

Marino S.

Dear Mr. Lee & Mrs. Garasia:

Thank you for making my case go smooth, easy and quick. I appreciate your assistance.

It was appreciated more than you know…..

Mr. & Mrs. Brown

Dear Lee and Garasia:

I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work, effort and dedication you put into my case. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help.  You have changed my life!

Thank you VERY much!

Shereen Ayaz

About Lee & Garasia:

You will soon see…there are not enough words for me to describe how brilliantly articulate, detail oriented, attentive, resourceful and synergistic this team is.

My citizenship case had run into a couple of serious challenges and I was issued an intent of denial.  Team LG helped me successfully appeal my denial and won me my much awaited citizenship.

Mr. Lee thoughtfully ironed out all the intricacies of my case and helped me with preparation and review of the evidence.  Ms. Garasia proved to be the lady luck accompanying me during the officer interview, skillfully and successfully representing my case to the officer.

To anyone who have any immigration issue and are looking for a capable attorney–I would highly recommend you to take a very  reasonably priced half hour appointment with Mr. Lee.  I assure you with complete confidence you will comeback here and be writing a nice review at the end of it all.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much.., Mr. Lee and Ms. Garasia!

Thank you for being simply the best in the business! Yet so unassuming about it!

For discussing my case in depth! For being so precise about the evidence immigration officers would need! For diligently reviewing different aspects of my case!

For patiently verifying all of my total days abroad [of 39+ trips] using a calculator!

For promptly answering my phone calls and emails!  For making my citizenship appeal look like a cakewalk! For being so reassuring, confident and ultimately so right!

🙂 Shine on!

P. Pachouri