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Mandatory Detention Immigration Lawyer in NJ

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2011 | Firm News |

There is a new detention facility in town: it is located at Delaney Hall in Newark. Our firm had the opportunity to take a tour of it two weeks ago. This new holding center will supposedly hold “low risk” detainees, ie., those who are not a danger to society, have no criminal record, etc. Accordingly, it is important to note that Delaney will not be supplanting the Elizabeth Detention Center. The Elizabeth Center will continue to house inmates as well as conduct Immigration Court hearings for those who detained there. So besides the county jails, an immigration inmate who has been detained may be held at Elizabeth or Delaney Hall, Newark. With all of this confusion of where a person may be detained, it is absolutely crucial for concerned family members to secure the most accurate information. Besides of course seeking the help of an immigration attorney, concerned parties might also want to consult the Online Detainee Locator System.