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Edison Family Immigration Attorneys

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Located in Central New Jersey, our firm specializes in preparing and filing immigration petitions for individuals and family members. Unlike other immigration firms which serve largely corporate- and business-based companies and their immigration needs, such as H-1Bs for information and technology professionals, we focus more on serving the needs of the family. Whether you are seeking to file a K-1 fiancé(e) petition, a K-3 marriage visa, or a green card or visa petition for your spouse, parent, or child, we can accomplish your goals smoothly, efficiently, and affordably.

Edison Family Immigration Lawyers

Because family immigration is a major area of concentration, we are thoroughly aware of all the local New Jersey and Third Circuit practices, procedures, and policy interpretations that may affect your case. What may be allowed in one jurisdiction may not necessarily be allowed in another. When it comes to deciding whether to file for adjustment of status or whether to pursue a visa through an American consulate, let our experience, reputation, and efficiency serve you.

Adjustment Of Status Lawyers In New Jersey For All New Jersey Cases

If your relative is currently in the United States, we will carefully analyze the individual circumstances of the case to determine whether he or she is eligible for an adjustment of status. Issues such as entry without inspection, fraudulent inspection, criminal history, unauthorized work or presence, and eligibility under Section 245(i) or any type of amnesty provision must be investigated and evaluated. Some people, unfortunately, don’t even realize that these issues are problems until it is too late. Why not have the peace of mind that comes with handing over your case to licensed professionals who deal with these situations on a regular basis?

Visa Processing Lawyers In New Jersey

If your relative is outside the United States, we will prepare the I-130 petition as well as all the necessary forms required by the National Visa Center, including the I-864, Affidavit of Support. Consular cases and fighting visa refusals are a major part of our practice so you can rest assured that we know all the local practice and procedures of the particular consulate or embassy that your family member will go to for the visa.

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If you need to file an immigration petition for a family member, please contact us. We can be reached online or at 732-516-1717 or 888-404-5876.