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Choosing the right attorney is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Not all lawyers are the same. For that matter, not all immigration attorneys are the same. In many cases, having the right attorney can make the difference between success or failure, between being allowed to stay here and being forced to leave. There are many law firms and organizations out there that “practice” immigration law. However, an educated consumer should always ask or, at least, consider the following:

  • How much experience does the attorney have? How long has the attorney been practicing immigration law? Our attorneys have over 50 years legal experience. For the past twenty five years, we have devoted ourselves exclusively to immigration and nationality practice, litigation, and appellate work.
  • What areas of immigration does the attorney concentrate in? Is Immigration a “department” within the firm? Does the attorney or firm regularly deal with the immigration issues that you need help with? Is the firm more business based or individual based? If you need help for citizenship, would you go to an attorney who handles citizenship cases daily, or someone who specializes in H-1Bs or investor visas? We practice with an emphasis on Citizenship/Naturalization, Family Based Immigration, Deportation and Removal Cases, and Appeals. If you have a need in these areas, we can help. If you need help with a real estate closing, probably not.
  • What kind of educational credentials does the attorney have? Both of our attorneys are graduates of Rutgers School of Law, an accredited ABA (American Bar Association) approved law school. Ms. Garasia was an editor of the Law Review, and Mr. Lee holds an undergraduate degree in English from Yale University, an Ivy League School and one of the most prestigious universities in the world.
  • Can I talk to the attorney? It is sad but true: the “best” attorney in the world is not necessarily the best attorney for YOU. Will you be assigned a client number which you will have to input into a website, or can you call the office to find out what is going on with your case? Will the attorney be able to return your call, or will he/she always be out of the office or occupied? Does the attorney even have a real office? At Lee and Garasia, despite our busy practice, we know all of our clients by name. We return your phone calls and treat each client with the respect and courtesy you are entitled to. Current clients have Mr. Lee’s cell phone number in case of emergencies. Everybody’s case is important to us, and your case will not be pushed aside in favor of some big company.
  • Can the attorney talk for me? Does your attorney know the local practice, procedures, and case law that is relevant to your jurisdiction? Does the attorney practice primarily in one state, making only limited appearances in your state? Can your advocate speak fluently and articulately with an immigration officer or before an Immigration Judge? We are confident that you will find our attorneys knowledgeable, charismatic, and down to earth—the kind of people you need representing you.

An Experienced Edison Immigration Law Firm: Lawyers You Can Talk To, Trust And Afford

From the beginning steps of gathering the proper information to filing the case to attending the immigration interview, our attorneys will be with you every step of the way. We have been fixtures in the local community as well as Central New Jersey for more than a decade, and recognized among the immigration bar equally as long. While quality legal representation does cost money, it is not reserved for only the rich and privileged. We think that you will find our fees more than reasonable and comparatively affordable. Most of our fee arrangements are fixed, flat fees and we also offer payment plans.

With our firm, you have the assurance of being covered both ways, with one attorney at the immigration office and one in our immigration office. We are not a mega firm where your file may be neglected, and we are not a “solo” firm where there is only one attorney and several paralegals. More importantly, we think you will find that you will be able to talk and relate to us. Honest and frank communication between the client and counselor is absolutely essential to a successful professional relationship. If you can’t talk to and feel comfortable with your attorney, how can he/she represent your interests to the fullest?

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