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Princeton Immigration Lawyer on ID cards

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2011 | Spanish immigrants in New Jersey |

In May of this year, Princeton Borough and Princeton Township became New Jersey’s third and fourth municipalities where residents could obtain identification cards even if they are undocumented aliens. The cards were distributed by the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund and are limited to residents of those towns. While not New Jersey State ID cards, such as the ones issued by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, these community ID cards do allow Princeton residents without immigration status to at least carry around some sort of identification that will be recognized by the respective Princeton Police departments, Mercer County Sheriff and Prosecutor’s Office. This is a very progressive step taken by these two towns that recognize that undocumented aliens are here, whether society acknowledges it or not. Many of these same “illegals” pay taxes, abide by the law, and are just trying to make a living here. These ID cards do not confer any special status on the alien or allow him/her to drive; they merely provide a reliable form of identification that allows both the alien and local municipalities to make sure the person is who he or she professes to be.