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TPS for El Salvador Extended

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2012 | Temporary Protected Status, Work Permits |

Last week, USCIS extended Temporary Protected Status (or “TPS”) for nationals of El Salvador. The extension will run an eighteen additional months from March 10, 2012 to September 9, 2013. In order to be granted protection under this program, eligible nationals from El Salvador must re-register during the re-registration period. (If an individual is not currently registered for TPS, he/she might want to consult with an attorney or USCIS to see whether he/she qualifies under “late registration”.) As with other TPS eligible countries, re-registrants may also apply for a work authorization card. Applicants should note that the Federal Register erroneously indicates that the re-registration period is from January 9 to March 9, 2012. The correct dates are January 9 thru March 12, 2012. Obviously, applicants should not wait to the last second to apply.