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What You Need To Bring To Your Citizenship interview in New Jersey | Newark and Mt. Laurel

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2016 | Citizenship and Naturalization |

One of the reasons why naturalization is so special and coveted in New Jersey is that unlike most other states, USCIS makes every effort to administer the Oath and provide the Naturalization certificate the same day to applicants who have been approved. However, if the applicant is not fully prepared with the necessary documents, the Oath may be delayed even if the applicant has passed the English and civics tests and otherwise satisfied all the requirements for citizenship. As a general reminder, it is important to keep these tips in mind in preparation for your interview.

Arrive on time. In fact, give yourself sufficient time to get to your location (Newark or Mount Laurel, in New Jersey), find parking, and clear the building security lines.

Bring all passports and green card

Bring any re-entry permits or travel documents

Bring proof of residency in NJ

This usually means a driver license or State ID

If you are applying on the basis of 3 years’ marriage to a USC,

Bring proof of living in marital union. This may take the form of joint bank statements, joint tax returns, insurance policies, etc. Applicants should be prepared to show the original documents as well as have copies ready for the officer. It is not uncommon for an officer to also ask to see the US Citizen spouse’s Birth Certificate, Naturalization Certificate (if not born in the US), and/or US Passport.

If you have taken any prolonged trips outside the US, especially 6 months or more,

Bring proof of US residence. You must demonstrate that you did not disrupt your continuous US residence.

If you have even been arrested or charged with a criminal offense,

Bring certified dispositions, judgments of conviction, orders of dismissal-whatever documents are applicable and pertain to your matter

We also advise our clients to bring:

Birth Certificates

Marriage/Divorce certificates, if applicable

Proof of selective service registration, if applicable

These are only some of the most important documents you should ordinarily bring. There may be additional documents or items that you may need to bring depending on your individual circumstances. The interview appointment sheet also has a pretty comprehensive checklist of some items that you should be aware of.