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Do I Really Need An Immigration Attorney? | Immigration Lawyers in NJ

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2014 | Common Immigration Questions and Problems |


“Do I need an Immigration Lawyer? Can’t I do the forms or apply by myself?” These are perhaps some questions that you may be considering. And they are valid, legitimate questions. But let us answer your question with a question of our own:

Do you know that most lawyers who don’t practice immigration law will usually refer the case out to one who does? It’s mainly because they recognize that Immigration is arguably the most complex field of law alongside tax law. Consider the following:

  • There are a number of statutes, regulations, policies, and case law that affect the practice of immigration law and litigation. And many times, they contradict each other.
  • Changes happen more frequently in this area than you may realize. Immigration attorneys have to monitor these developments daily. Attorneys who practice other areas like criminal defense where they are always in court simply do not have the time to stay current.
  • Mistakes in the immigration process can have major effects, such as delay or worse, possible deportation.

Only immigration attorneys have the experience and knowledge to see the invisible nuances and layers that make immigration law so complicated. To the untrained eye, it appears simple. But in reality, it rarely is. Even a case with a strong foundation always has invisible cracks and fissures that need to be identified.

So the better question is, given all that is stake here, why would you want to do this by yourself? Immigration is much too serious to play around with. If you are going to do a case, you should do it right the first time, and that entails entrusting your case to the best immigration attorneys you can find. You would want to look for a top lawyer who has a sterling reputation, devotion to ethics, tireless work ethic, and empathy for your case.