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Preparing For A Citizenship Or Green Card Interview With The Lawyers At Lee & Garasia, LLC

The practice of immigration law is infinitely more complicated than just preparing forms accurately. For U.S. Citizenship as well as most U.S. Permanent Residency (or “green card”) cases, applicants must appear for an interview with USCIS. Besides meeting with and thoroughly preparing you for your interview prior to your appointment date, our firm will accompany you to the actual interview as well. This is perhaps the most important and crucial stage of your immigration case because an immigration officer will be personally deciding your case. The presence of a reputable and experienced attorney in the room helps to ensure that the interview is conducted fairly and that your rights are fully protected whether you have been summoned for a Naturalization test, a marriage “Stokes” interview, or an interview for your “Adjustment of Status” application.

New Jersey Green Card And U.S. Citizenship Attorneys

At Lee & Garasia, LLC, we handle your case from beginning to end. For instance, if you are interested in applying for United States Citizenship, we will first meet with you to determine your eligibility and evaluate any potential issues or circumstances that may negatively affect your case, such as criminal charges, long trips outside, etc. If we take your case, we will work together to present your case in the best possible light, whether that means in front of an officer or if necessary, a supervisory officer. Additionally, we will meet with you in our office prior to the interview to ensure that you have the proper documents and are adequately prepared.

At our firm, we place a heavy emphasis on interview preparation. All of our clients receive highly individualized and hands-on representation. Our attorneys have more than 46 years combined experience representing clients at citizenship and green card interviews, whether they be based on marriage, employment, a family relationship, or a 245i amnesty case. As a client of ours, you will have the benefit of having one of only a handful of attorneys in New Jersey who appear at least every week, if not more, at the Newark District Immigration Office.

We provide representation for all types of immigration interviews. Even if your case is “simple,” misunderstandings and unforeseen complications can and, often, do arise. Our office can help you to avoid these potentially disastrous  situations as well as identify issues that may need to be prepared for in advance. Moreover, immigration officers have the authority to deny a case if all the necessary documents are not furnished at the time of the interview. We can help to ensure that this does not happen to you.

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