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How Can I Find Out Where Immigration Is Holding Someone?

If an individual is picked up or detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the most important question and concern that family members and friends may have is, “Where is he/she?”

Of course, at some point, the alien will usually call the family and inform them where he/she is.  The problem is that it may be some time before that happens.  Additionally, due to the stress of the situation, the alien may not know his/her whereabouts or communicate them effectively for the family to do anything about it.

One tool that is available to the general public and used frequently by attorneys who practice in the field is the Online ICE Locator.  The website address is https://locator.ice.gov/odls/about.jsp.  As long as the family has the individual’s A number, or “Alien Registration Number,” he/she will usually be able to type it into the database and learn where the person is.  Alternatively, if the A Number is not available, for whatever reason, the detained person’s location may still be discovered as long as you have:

  • Complete Name of the Alien
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth

It is important to note that according to ICE, the information in the database may be anywhere from twenty minutes to eight hours old.  Additionally, information pertaining to juveniles (those under 18) and those released more than 60 days ago are not in the system.

Immigration Court Defense Lawyer: Negotiating Release

Once the whereabouts of the individual are determined either through your own efforts or with our assistance, our immigration attorneys can begin formulating a strategy to approach the government to get the person released.

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