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Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. Problems do arise. Even if you have filed a case by yourself but have now encountered difficulty, or worse — a denial — from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or an American consulate, we may be able to help you. For more than 14 years, we have helped clients to reopen their cases, file appeals, waivers, and motions to reconsider. If you find yourself having to file one of these things, you do not want to take chances. Preparation of motions and appeals with immigration is highly technical and complex. Any procedural mistake could be disastrous, potentially resulting in your case being denied for good and in some cases, losing your “priority” filing date forever.

At Lee & Garasia, LLC, we will carefully analyze the facts and circumstances of your case and use our understanding of the law to craft an argument that is compelling, persuasive, and relevant.

Motions To Reopen And Motions To Reinstate

At our firm, we regularly handle a large number of cases where immigration has decided to close out a case due to abandonment and/or insufficient evidence. This may happen, for example, if the petitioner moves and fails to update his/her address. USCIS may send out a Request for Evidence to the old address; if the Petitioner does not receive it and reply, the case may be denied. Depending on your individual circumstances, we may be able to get your case restored without you having to re-file. If the motion is granted, you will be able to keep the original filing date.

Our firm also handles Motions to Reinstate under the Family Sponsor Immigration Act of 2002. If the Petitioner passes away while an immigration case is still pending for a relative, the case normally is discontinued. However, under certain circumstances, we may be able to get the case reinstated and have another family member substitute for the original petitioner/sponsor so that the case may continue.

We also handle Motions to Reopen with the Immigration Court, or Executive Office for Immigration Review. It is not uncommon for an individual who has been ordered deported, to not leave the United States, for whatever reason. Sometimes, individuals may not even realize that they have been ordered deported “in absentia” by a judge. Many of these people have gone on to marry, start families, and establish substantial equities here within the United States notwithstanding their immigration status. In some cases, our office may be able to reopen or rescind a deportation order, whether it is due to changed country circumstances, a new family petition by a qualifying relative, or lack of notice to attend court. Our attorneys will carefully analyze the facts and circumstances of your particular case and help you to determine whether such a motion is feasible.

Immigration Appeals

If you have filed an I-130 petition for an alien relative and USCIS has denied the case, we may be able to appeal your matter to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Similarly, if an Immigration Judge has ruled adversely against or denied your deportation court case, we can represent you during your appeal to the BIA. When you come to our firm, we will carefully evaluate your situation, honestly assess and discuss with you the likelihood of success, and extensively prepare the strongest legal brief possible.

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