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Consultation Policy

Our firm provides legal consultations in the area of Family Immigration, US Citizenship, Hardship Waivers, and Deportation Defense. The intent and objective of a consultation with the attorney is to accomplish the following:

  • Have the attorney evaluate and assess your matter
  • Have the attorney explain your legal options
  • Have the attorney decide whether your case can be accepted by the office
  • Provide the client with a fee quote

What A Consultation Is Not For:

  • We will not explain or coach you how to do your case if you intend on doing the case by yourself
  • We will not review forms
  • We will not review petitions or packets and recommend arguments or documents to compile in support

Please do not book a consultation if you are looking for advice on how to file or improve a case that you are intending to do on your own.


Appointments and consultations are booked according to Eastern Standard Time. If you are calling or coming from a different time zone, it is your responsibility to ensure that your schedule conforms to the attorney’s time.

Due to our busy schedule, it is very important that you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. Consultation appointees who call or arrive more than 15 minutes late will automatically be deemed missed and will be asked to reschedule. Please note that if you arrive/call late, even if the attorney agrees to consult with you, your appointment will still end at the expiration of the scheduled time. For example, if you have a thirty-minute consultation scheduled and you arrive 15 minutes late, you will only be entitled to 15 minutes.

If you can, please keep small children at home so that the attorney may concentrate on your matter. If you cannot, we ask that someone stay in the waiting room to watch them during your consultation.