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At Lee & Garasia, LLC, we have helped many families immigrate together through application of the Child Status Protection Act. From our base in Edison, we have assisted clients throughout New Jersey as well as nationwide.

Our firm is highly experienced in helping children to immigrate or adjust status under the Child Status Protection Act. In many immigration situations, a child who reaches the age of 21 will normally be considered to have “aged out” and ineligible to come here as a “child” of the principal beneficiary. However, under the Child Status Protection Act, many of those children are in fact protected and their ages in effect legally “frozen” even after they have turned 21. Some of the families we have helped were not even aware of the law and had resigned themselves to actually not immigrating because they thought that their 21-year old son or daughter would be left behind!

Immigration law can be quite complex, and especially so when it comes to interpreting eligibility under the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA). Priority Dates, Approval Dates, and the Visa Bulletin must all be carefully examined. During our consultation, we will carefully evaluate your situation, analyze the legal precedent and statutes, and determine eligibility. If we take your case, we will do our very best to ensure that your family member enjoys the benefits and protection of this special legislation.

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